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Mystic, a town in Connecticut, is a a seaside community that is charming and appealing. It is located in Southeastern side of Connecticut. It is a wonderful town of New England that is situated off Interstate 95. The town is filled with attractions that are family friendly. Learn about sea life, industry of ship-building and many more here with a car service Connecticut.

The town offers adventure, fun, history and, ofcourse, a variety of great food items. This coastal town has several shopping spots.

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Listed here are 5things to do for fun in Mystic with car service Connecticut:

  1. Stop at the Mystic Aquarium and take a look at the sea life: The Mystic Aquarium is an exploration centre of world class marine life. There are plenty of colorful fish as well as thousands of exotic marine animals in the underwater habitat. Here you can touch docile shark’s back at Shark Encounters touch pool. Here you also have ray touch pool where you get to touch stingrays. You can at times feed them too.

Here you get to explore the sea life; from jellyfish to California sea lions to sea stars to penguins. This aquarium also houses Beluga Whales which are there only in New England. There are 20 feet long viewing windows. There are 3 of them to have the underwater viewing closely.

  1. Walk and roam around Downtown Mystic– One can find shopping spots for books, clothes, jewelry and much more. Over 80 boutiques are there to shop in downtown Mystic. Diners and restaurants are in between these shops. For sweet lovers, there are candy shops, bakeries and some ice cream shops. One can hire a kayak to ride on the Mystic River. A free summer concert is held at Mystic River Park.
  2. Have a Slice of Pizza at Mystic Pizza-This Pizza shop has deli sandwiches, pizza varieties, appetizers and so on. It is an old place situated in downtown that is worth a visit.
  3. Explore Mystic Seaport’s Maritime History – This is one among the largest maritime museums in the USA. It was established to accommodate and preserve the artifacts of sea faring America’s past. It is extended to 19 acres chalked along the Mystic River. It has a recreated coastal village of New England, a shipyard that is working as well as a number of exhibit constructions. The oldest commercial ship of America, 1841 whaleship Charles W. Morgan, is housed here in this museum. Visitors can board this ship and also other docked ships within the museum to get a glimpse inside.
  4. Observe the Mystic River Bascule Bridge in Action– This bridge is a must see and also the last of this kind. It is a drawbridge that has counterweights. It spans the Mystic River. It is drawn to clear the boat traffic. The uniqueness of this bridge is that the mechanical parts of the bridge are open. During summer you can watch the bridge draw often.

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