How to Market and Elevate Your Architectural Firm

It is understandable that small architecture firms do not have dedicated staffs and huge budgets when it comes to marketing. If you own a small firm, you have to be smart and strategic about it so you will know how you spread the word and eventually bring in more work.

Take heart – with the right marketing strategies, you can elevate your stature in the world of architecture. Here are some ways to market your architectural firm:

Focus on social media

There are many firms that are slow to embrace social media as a strategy because they think it is a fad. You should not underestimate social media because it is the platform where the public is talking about their lives. As an architect looking for more opportunities, you should be interested in joining such conversations.

Whether you are specializing in residential or commercial developments, you should optimize free profiles. You can start with a Facebook profile and join a Facebook Group as it allows you to be more creative plus it sends notifications to personal profiles. This way, potential clients will be alerted of new contents you post.

Create your website

Experts like robert gillings invest in creating a website. Creating a website should be seen as a major component of your brand. You can consider website developers and designers but you have to make sure that the site is designed with your clients in mind. Your goal here is to tell your story to clients.

commercial developments

Build your brand

Keep in mind that branding is about the sum of the experiences customers have with your business. Whatever you do, you have to remember that it will become a part of your brand – from social media to website presence, the way your office is presented, clothes you wear and even the car that you drive. In the end, these elements help establish credibility and trust.

Send out an email newsletter

One of the most cost-effective online marketing tools is sending out a regular email newsletter to interested prospects and previous clients. You should endeavor to send regularly so you will be on top of their mind if they need an architect.

The challenge here is to get the emails of potential clients. You should find ways to get their emails through in-person or email signup form available on your website. As soon as you have the list, you should reach out to them and provide information that is of value.

Adjust to new technologies

In this age of technology, you should stay at the forefront. This means you have to be quick to adjust to new technologies. For instance, there is a huge demand for 3D-visualization and modeling tools.  Learning these tools can give you an edge over other firms.

Keep clients happy

More importantly, you have to keep clients happy. Remember that the best way to get new clients is to ensure that existing clients are happy. This is when word of mouth becomes the most powerful marketing tool.