How to Grow Organic Fennel from Seed

Funnel is a herb and vegetable which can be entirely consumed. You can either cook them or enjoy them raw. It is also very easy to grow. It is known for growing wild and you can grow them too if you like. Here is some information regarding the growth of organic fennel seeds.

When to Plant

The best time to plant fennel seeds is after the last frost of the winter. Seed germination takes place when the soil temperature measures between 50° F and 70° F. Its maturation takes about a hundred days.

organic fennel seeds

How to Plant

For the planting, sow the seeds directly into the soil of your garden. This is because the transplanting of fennel doesn’t work very well. Make sure that the last frost of the season is over and plant them to a depth of one inch and the distances between them should be ten to twelve inches apart. Keep watering them regularly until the seeds start germinating and this generally happens with one to two weeks. If you are growing the fennel in a container, make sure that there are at least five gallons of soil for each plant. Funnels are known to develop an intense root system.

When to Harvest

The harvesting time is generally between eighty to a hundred days. If you want to harvest the bulb and seeds, try growing multiple plants. Allow a few plants to seedling and harvest a few bulbs before the bolting of the plants. The ideal time for harvesting is when the bulbs become the same size as that of a tennis ball. Try harvesting the plants before it bolts because the flavor could get ruined after the bolting.  Cut the bulb at the line of soil. Harvest little funnel leaves at a time and don’t cut too much of them. For harvesting the seeds, wait for the plants to turn brown.


It is always better to grow food products yourself as you will be getting the top quality of the product.