How to determine if an online movie streaming site is illegal or not? Find out here

Free online streaming sites that provide movies and television shows can be accessed anywhere on the internet and for sure you have your own preferred site where you enjoy watching your favorite movie and site anytime you want, but the question would be, is that site operates legally or illegally?

You can always stream for free movies and television shows on the internet for free because it is convenient, no cost, and totally fun, however, you might be browsing through sites that illegally stream movies and television shows that are not allowed to be aired or streamed online. Well, there are free streaming sites out there that provide movies and television series that have copyrights for each one of it, meaning, you can watch it legally, while there are those that operate under the radar, meaning they do it illegally.

You might have watched movies that are barely a week after it released in theaters at a free movie streaming site. It may sound very entertaining and convenient on your side, however, you are contributing to depriving the television and movie industry of the income and revenue they deserve from producing and making movies and series for us, that is why you should always stick to legal streaming sites to keep the industry from making our favorite movies and series.

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To find out if the online streaming site is operating legally or not, check out the list from fmovie below about the signs that you should look for in an illegal online streaming site.

  • Releases movies that are still shown on the cinema- This is an act of piracy considering that the movies streamed to that site are still being shown at cinemas and has yet to release its DVD and Blu-ray copies later in the year, but your preferred online streaming site decided to stream it to everyone for free which is completely against the law. If you notice some newly released movies for theater that are featured on the free streaming site, then it is an act of movie piracy and totally illegal.
  • Questionable possession of its movies and shows- Legitimate streaming sites acquire the movies in two ways; they got it from having permission from the film studio to show the movies publicly for free, or they showed the movies that are under a public domain, while sites that stream series and movies illegally features movies that are recently released in cinemas and have just released on its DVD platform because these are not produced for the public domain.
  • Plagued with pop-up advertisements- Isn’t it annoying that instead of watching and focusing yourself to the movie, suddenly the site’s pop-up advertisement decided to distract you from watching it? Well, it is one way to determine that the site operates illegally because of its annoying ads where most of it are porn-related and obviously spams. Since the streaming site is not charging you a single penny from watching their latest movies and series, they are likely making money through advertisements.
  • Free downloading- It is completely illegal to download movies for free especially those that have been released recently in cinemas because of copyright laws, if there is a download button in a free streaming site, you should check other things that further solidifies that it is operating illegally. Movies can be downloaded through authorized streaming sites that comes with a bundled price.