Before you commit, ensure the quality of services and services

When choosing a real estate developer, it is important not to lose sight of certain selection criteria, particularly about know-how and expertise. If you make the choice of an experienced developer, backed by a large group, you are certain to make a success of your purchase in the new.


Do not hesitate to visit trade shows, usually in the spring and fall. You will be able to obtain valuable information, talk directly with developers, compare and compete, or even discover residences in preview. Some promoters are counting on innovation when they take part in exhibitions: at the 2015 edition of the Montpellier Real Estate Fair, URBIS Réalisations presented its residencies through 3D animations thanks to the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. A good way to project yourself into your future home when you buy off-plan (Discover our sales advice in the State of Future Completion). Participating in trade shows also means being able to benefit from favorable rates: property developers can, therefore, offer you preferential offers, the famous “trade fair conditions”.

Real Estate Award


Be interested in his previous achievements of Ki Residences Clementi and those in progress, which are an indication of his dynamism. You will be able to have an idea of ​​the quality of work of the promoter: respect of the deadlines, conformity of the delivery, quality of the materials and finishings after some years … Also, check the existence of unsuccessful projects or other signs calling into question the qualities of the real estate developer. Quality of work of the real estate developer

Finally, find information on any rewards the promoter may have obtained (EDF Silver Pyramids Prize, Quality of Use Award, Aesthetic Real Estate Award, GIP Innovation Award …), the references they present on its website or the press articles about it. All these elements can indicate his level of professionalism.