Why Many Expert BBG Kayla Users Are Disappointed With The Sweat App

Following the Bikini Body Guide ebook program, the famous Kayla Itsines has released a different thing on the market. This time, it’s an app that everyone can use. Other people are already aware of the BBG and are currently using this. Because it’s effective, it has become even more famous. And this is what started the hype build-up for the new app. Many users want to check it out and see the different things that it has to offer.

According to a lot of Sweat With Kayla Review and feedback, it’s not exactly living up to the hype. Many have voiced out their disappointments in terms of the app functions and what it offers in general. Here are several points of why other individuals find this app a let-down on several occasions.

Sweat With Kayla Review and feedback

The promised 3.0 version. Many were very excited especially when the app promised an upgraded version of the routine. The version 3.0 is ‘supposed’ to be something that’s more intense than the previous routines from the ebook. Many individuals have expected a lot since the release. But it turned out that the new version isn’t as intense and as different as they have expected. The base of the routines is still the same, which is okay. But there are not many routines added. And it’s not something that makes that much difference as well.

The cost of it. The fee you need to spend for this is higher than expected. The app also requires that you pay for three months in advance before you can access any of the information and the features that are available and are present.

Canceling consequences. To those who were not satisfied, they are given the option to cancel the subscription and are given the refund for the amount they’ve spent on the certain duration. There are upsides and downsides to this. Many are glad that there is a refund. But others are quite shocked when all the saved data and the downloads they’ve had were removed and erased. This means you’ll never be able to track your progress anymore. And there’s a chance that you also have to go back to square one.

Is it still worth the purchase?

For new users? Yes! Definitely! It’s something that contains the same essence as the comprehensive guide. And the routines are the same. So you can expect the same results if you’re following everything properly. Meal plans are also provided so you’ll watch your diet better and follow dishes that actually will help you. If you want a comprehensive and informative reference about Sweat With Kayla,  go here.