Velvetech – Software Development Company

Velvetech is a software development company based out of Chicago. The company has an amazing reputation of 20 years in the software industry. It majorly provides software services in custom software development for the clients’ various domains and different industries like startups, SMBs, and enterprises.

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Primly the experts atVelvetech provide services in business technology consulting, manage IT services, web and mobile apps, custom software development, digital marketing, and creative services.

Why should we enroll with Velvetech?

Velvetech boasts several salient features which influence you to avail software development services from them.

  • The company has been successfully running in the software industry for the past 20 years
  • The company has fully furnished software development experts team of 70 members, who excel in each domain
  • The company has numerous clients around the world and has already delivered more than 1000 projects to the clients
  • Free project consultation and estimation
  • Velvetech gives 3 days proof of concept

Software Development services

From 20 years, Velvetech has thrived to specific solutions, skills, and technology processes which render trustworthy projects and services to the clients. And without hesitation, we take pride in ourselves to have delivered the best-fit software projects to the various sectors of different industries.

We boost a healthy track record of developing effective projects and custom software which when performed well on all major platforms help our clients to cope with newly developed technologies.

Major services provided

Insurance: As you know with the advent of digital technology, it has enabled companies to raise asset risks, capital, protect personal data and also build client relationships, they find it necessary to have on-demand technology provider on their side.

Hence, Velvetech assists the market biggies to reconstruct their endowment systems and accommodate the unconventional ideas.

Health care industry: By employing development, design, and implementing cutting edge digital technologies, Velvetech has provided excellent services to resolve the complex business problems of numerous pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.

The extensive software projects developed by the company have served many hospitals, medicals, pharmaceuticals, and dental practitioners and have increased efficiency and enhancement in the quality of providing services.

Finance and banking: Velvetech, typically, has rendered specialized software products to the domains of banking, financial, and trading businesses working in high-risk environments. They have offered the payment and banking systems to financial and banking companies. The software delivered has made them tactically succeed in financial market competition.


Velvetech is an enthusiastic software development company who are eager to take up competitive projects and provide the best results. We are also open to talking to you anytime to review your business, the success of the business and how we can elevate in the competitive world.

They work until the customer is satisfied and are gracious when they appreciate the efforts the company puts in.

One of the client’s feedback on the website is, “Velvetech has helped in setting up an online ordering system for Healix by developing a software. The professionals of Velvetech developers, designers, and testers have consistently worked hard to ensure the perfect project delivery to us”.