Velvetech custom software development

Today’s modern world has marked by two developments of the utmost importance – innovative information technology & software services;both are accessible by Velvetech software development service. Velvetech custom software development is a Chicago-based software company which help entrepreneurs to achieve best goals suited for their newly established business.

information technology & software services

Aims and objectives of velvetech:

The main aims& objectives of velvetech are:

  • To provide facilities to new business arrivals in the field of software service.
  • To encourage innovations and growth of the software business in this modern world.
  • To develop various market strategies and offer leadership and solutions for the positive result.
  • To make our clients specialize in software platform like dash boards, analytics, desktop services, real-time data, etc.
  • To vigorously equip ourselves to help various kinds of firms such as manufacturing, healthcare, distribution, telecommunication, etc.
  • To support the expansion of software companies without any suspicion.

Software Development services

Velvetech custom software development is packed with the novel and advanced mode of software services, such as:

  • Custom enterprise software development: velvetech help you to design and develop best software to uniform for your company.
  • Enterprise software integration: velvetech prove the system of purchasing and integrating business ideas for your company.
  • Application, customization, maintenance and support: velvetech supervise your company with financial aid and partnership to develop your software.

Web Apps

  • Enterprise web development: velvetech custom software development deliver customization of convenient solutions and complete sequence web software development which embolden and increase output.
  • B2B and B2C web solutions: velvetech helps their partners in eliminating the hurdles and achieving desired goals for their company.
  • CMS development: by giving full authority to their clients to process and corporate content, velvetechalso design and develop CMS and ECM systems.
  • eCommerce platform: velvetech take one step forward and run eCommerce platform for the benefit of B2B and B2C companies.

Mobile Apps

  • Enterprise mobile app development: from business intelligence solutions and CMR to payment processing to content management, velvetech prove different mobile app development programmes.
  • iOS app development: for the profit of their clients, velvetech provide latest iPhone and iPad app development.
  • Android app development: velvetech mobile development team has made the mobilization of Android App Development a successful organization.
  • Windows phone app development: Microsoft has provided partnership to velvetech to fulfil the demand of their clients for Windows app development.
  • Cross-Platform mobile development: Cross-Platform development by consuming various tools, framework and IDEs has carried by velvetech.

Velvetech has delivered 1000 above project with the help of their team consist of around 70 and more members in their 20 years of work.

Other significant involvement:

Call centres


Health care

Information technology




Financial services









Start now:

To start your project with velvetech you just need to approach the and they will provide you the following materials:

  • Proof of concept
  • Suitable cost outlook
  • Project timeline
  • A professional team
  • Start within 7 days

So do not wait further, make an appointment today with velvetech start developing your business in a modern and effective way.