The Specifications of Data and Voice Recorders In Planes

Most of the commercial plane today have several microphones built into the cockpit. This is actually to listen to the flight crew conversation. These can track any ambient noise in the cockpit, such as switches or any knocks or thuds. Each microphone is actually connected to the cockpit voice recorder or CVR. This will then send audio to the CVR which digitizes and stores the signals. The microphones are usually places all over the plane to pick up audio alerts and other sounds. At, you can find the essential devices for audio monitoring works.

Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)

This device is for audio environment recording in the flight deck. This is vital for accidents and incident investigation purposes. This device will record the audio signals of the microphones. It will then store every sound from the earphones of the pilots’ headsets. All the area microphone installed in the cockpit is actually recorded in purpose. This includes the flight crew voices and other sounds inside the cockpit.

In most cases, the CVR is usually located on the overhead instrument panel between the two pilots. It will record the engine noise, stall warnings, landing gear extension and retraction. These are the sounds that the investigator will usually hear. The experts will be able to determine parameters such as engine rpm, and system failures. They can measure the speed and the time at which certain events occur from these sounds. The device will store all the communications with Air Traffic Control. The weather briefing and talks between the pilots and ground crew are also included.

Flight Data Recorder

The Flight Data Recorder

The FDR is a device in the plane that records many different operating conditions of the flight. The new plane must check at least eighty-eight important parameters before a flight. This device is useful in recording the time, altitude, airspeed, and plane attitude. Some most advanced FDR’s can record the status of more in-flight characteristics. This vital to aid in the investigation. This device can be used from flap position to auto-pilot mode or even smoke alarms.

The Safety Board can make an image video reconstruction of the flight using the FDR. Visualizing the airplane’s attitude, instrument readings, power settings is now possible. Recording all other characteristics of the flight will be easier using the FDR. This is essential to visualize the last moments of the flight before the accident. The FDR can record many parameters like:

  • Time
  • Pressure Altitude
  • Airspeed
  • Vertical acceleration
  • Magnetic Heading
  • Control-column position
  • Rudder-pedal position
  • Control-wheel position
  • Horizontal stabilizer
  • Fuel flow

These days using both the FDR and the CVR, accident investigation process is a lot easier. These are some of the valuable tools that each plane must have on board. These devices can help provide some information that may be difficult to get by other means. These recorders are vital in determining the probable cause of a plane accident. Thus, if you are planning to use one of these, get it from the legit supplier. This is to ensure of getting the reliable and trusted device.