The Ideal Life Of A Professional Capturer


Capture this and capture that. A simple life of a professional photographer. There is no benchmark for the best photography. All it takes is creativity and flare. As hinted by many boring and critically acclaimed photographers claim that photography is an art and there has to be some talent behind it. All this may be true, there is something crucial that a photographer needs. The subtly of telling a story and depicting something through pictures. Conveying emotions through images. Anyone can create a masterpiece with words if you are able enough but doing it with images is very hard due to the aspect of perspectives and assumptions that are different for everyone around us. You may interpret an image differently than me and the same goes for the other person. Perspectives rule the world, what is wrong for an average person such as murder is nothing but a mere absolution of his ideals to a psychopath. It may be dismissive to call him an insane person but their perspectives are different from yours. If there was a poster put up with the words ‘photographer Dubai’ and nothing was given about the images conveyed there, there would be thousands of interpretations that would arise from just those images and two of those words.


Another Side Of Perspective

Having taken into account of perspectives we can clearly see that something that does not change in its pure sense like an image has many meanings in the metaphorical and elevated sense. That is the true nature of photography and to understand this, is what takes a professional photographer stand out amongst the rest of the pack. The words ‘photographer Dubai’ simply indicate two literal things of photography and the city of Dubai. What it signifies in a deeper sense about the proud culture of Dubai and the joys it brings to people who travel there for their vacation and the photographers who capture these moments and preserve them for eternity. That could be one of the perspectives being said with the words.


Simply put, the art of photography should not just be theorized and felt, there has to be a deeper narrative attached to it for its complete absolution.