Is it not a really great relief if you get to know that all the recreational centers are just few minutes away from the place where you are going to stay? Well, when the project, The Rivercove EC Residences is one of such kind. The leading project developers have greatly showcased their expertise. When they started planning for the project, they were careful enough to bring all the impossible situations to a possible situation. Which other project developing company would have made this possible except for these two? Well, here is a list of the high class place which are situated right around the corner of the project:

best mega project

The Rivervale Plaza:

This particular place was the first shopping complex that came up in the new town of Sengkang. This is one of the best places if you want to go out for good food. This place has got two fast food outlets which follow the best ever recipes and two other major foods court which aim at serving the best. Not just the eateries, the plaza also houses a super market and a wet market as well. And on top of all this, the plaza has The Sengkang Branch Office situated in it. The best part of the plaza is that there is a music school which is a hub for many of the music lovers. This place also host many events and there is always something or the other happening at the Plaza. If you are looking for some time off, this plaza would make the ideal place for you.

Jalan Kayu Eateries:

There would definitely be no person in the Sengkang New Town who would not know about the Jalan Kayu Eateries. This is the best place where you can get amazing street food if you want and you can also get amazing decent hotel kind of food. There are so many places at this eatery that food lovers will definitely jump out of joy when they visit this place. If you want to take your friend who is new to the town on a food outing, then this is undoubtedly the ideal and best place to hangout. Most of the restaurants and the places in this particular eatery have been rated the best by the people themselves

Sengkang Sports and recreational centre:

This is the place which most people meet if not for movies and casual hangouts. This is one of those sports complexes which is located in the area of Anchorvale, Sengkang New Town. This particular sports complex has got all the best equipment for most of the common sports that are played today. This is actually run by the Sports authority of Singapore itself.

You have a three to four malls nearby, few of the best eateries, parks and even sport complex. Having all the best amenities at one place, which would prefer to buy a residence somewhere else leaving out the best mega project, the Rivercove EC Residences.