San Lorenzo SL 86 for Pleasurable Cruise Experience

SAN LORENZO SL 86 has become a global phenomenon. In times past, it was beloved by mainly European buyers. However, the trend has changed these days; it has now warmed its way into the hearts of global buyers, and individuals from other continents are taking an interest in it.

The yacht comes in two-option layouts, which perfectly fit the various markets where the demand are coming from. Both options showcase the Italian product to be a top quality yacht.

The yacht can be made in line with the specific requirements of the clients. It can be designed in line with the prevailing cultural and climate conditions in the client’s location.

Furthermore, SAN LORENZO SL 86 was designed in cooperation with Marty A. Lowe, who is an interior decoration professional based in Lauderdale. Consequently, the interior of the yacht looks elegant and dramatic. Overall, the style and taste of the owner are placed above every other consideration when designing the yacht.

top quality yacht

The features of SAN LORENZO SL 86

The SAN LORENZO SL 86 is remarkable in design and function. It looks cheerful and bright, which can rub off on the mood of everyone on board. The interior is adequately spacious, and the oversized windows add to the airiness of the interior space by letting in more daylight. On the other hand, the furniture is made of whitewashed oak.

The salon is located centrally on the yacht, and it is tempting. The staircase to the upper deck is attached to the glass panel and equally beautiful to behold. Standing on the staircase will give the impression of floating in space.

The interior furnishing is done using Paola Lenti furniture, which adds more to the unique design of the yacht. The interior designer uses only eco-friendly materials, and non-toxic furnishing treatments.

Other features of the SAN LORENZO SL 86 are highlighted below:

  • The fuel tank has a capacity of 8,100 liters
  • It can accommodate eight guests and three crew members
  • Its overall length is 26.76 meters, while its maximum beam is 6.35 meters
  • Its draught at full load is 1.9 meters
  • Also, it has a maximum speed of 30 or 32 knots, depending on the option you prefer.


SAN LORENZO SL 86 is a yacht designed to pamper the owner. It has got every feature required to transform it into a comfortable mansion on the sea. Bear in mind that it can be customized to your specific taste and style, as well as your climatic and cultural conditions.