Insight Into The Life Of PR Professional, RonnTorossian

One of the most integral part of 5WPR’s success story is the founder and CEO is Ronn Torossian. He has overseen the company’s rapid growth and expansion to major business lists and has also helped the Fortune 500 and 400 businesses to become successful as well. He is known as one of the foremost public relations expert in the United States.

PR elements

As a founder, he has contributed great attributes that have become very helpful in his roles in 5WPR. The attributes that he encompasses are, he is aggressive, focused on getting results, and he works very closely with media, social media influencers, decision makers, celebrities, and politicians. His views on PR elements like crisis management, social media, and public affairs are thoughtful and influential. Blue chip companies and top business managers have repeatedly sought his counsel regarding their organizations.

RonnTorossian as a Leader:

Mr. Torossian believes that an organization cannot really be successful unless they are able to donate to charity. To support this ideology he created the Ronn Torossian Foundation. This organization supports a lot of companies that are dedicated towards education, community, and healthcare. Ronn is extremely proud to give towards charity and has always believed that since he is in a position of power and success, it is his duty to be able to give to others.

When he was growing up, he was taught that being able to give back to the community and the whole concept of charity was something he had to believe in. His family kept teaching him about the importance of giving to the less fortunate, these teachings created a firm foundation about his beliefs on giving back to the needy, and to humanity on the whole, by providing personal as well as societal enhancement.

RonnTorossian Foundation:

This foundation is very popular to donate for the community by providing many educational institutions, hospitals, Jewish organizations and other charitable acts. Particular organizations that Mr. Torossian and his organization fund include the Brooklyn based RAJE (The Russian-American Jewish Experience).

The organization helps immigrants from the former Soviet Union learn about their community and their heritage and helps them with their career and education goals.

Background on the CEO of 5WPR:

In 1998, Torossian began his work in the PR field, where he worked for G.S Schwartz, this was a boutique PR firm where he would run accounts that involved various big shot companies like Clinique, Yankelovich partners, DHL etc. After which he started working for the MWW group, where he worked on accounts that included Hard Rock Café, Marriot Hotels and so much more.

5WPR began in 2003; clients have often said that Ronn Torossian has an endless supply of positive and inspiring energy, also that he possess a one of a kind approach to public relations.This is why companies should take his agency up for public relations.