Fishing Trophies and Awards Can Come in Many Styles

Fishing remains a popular pastime and a unique sport. It requires patience, experience, skill, and quite a bit of luck. This is why even the most accomplished fishermen and serious anglers can appreciate a tongue-in-cheek recognition for a catch of the day or just a good fish story.

Trophies and awards for fishing accomplishments can be customized with traditional design choices for an ernest type of recognition. As the experts at will confirm, there are lots of options for fishermen which include fully customizable ribbons, medallions, plaques, and statues. Some of the most popular options, however, tend to be funny custom trophies designed especially for fishing champions who don’t always reel in a winning catch.

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Just because an award is meant to be humorous doesn’t mean the joke should be based on lacking quality or poor design. Here are some examples of awards that can also be customized with humorous inscriptions and designs, making them perfect for all kinds of fishing competitions, clubs, and other events.

Achievement Rosette Ribbons
Ribbons are a great way to recognize semi-finalists, first, second and third place winners, and other honorees. They can even be used for joke or humorous titles, like smallest catch or most thrown back. Since they come in many different colors and can feature high-quality printing and graphic rendering, there are many coordination and customization options. Fabric rosettes make them quite eye-catching, especially when placed in a showcase or as part of a display.

Trophy Cup Shaped Medallions
Like ribbons, medallions and medals are trophy alternatives that look great in a showcase and can be customized in numerous ways. In addition to choosing ribbons in various colors, which can be used to hang or wear the medallions, these awards can be selected in silver, gold, or bronze in tone. Laser engraving and cutting, colored metallic and glitter finishes, and other enhancements make them visibly striking.

Customized Winners Mugs
Brushed pewter and glass mugs are perfect for toasting a winner and commemorating a victory for many years. These mugs provide a lot of space for customization with their ready-to-engrave exterior and clipart options. The great thing about mugs is they serve as a showpiece as well as a functional item. They look great in a display or can be used daily for a favorite beverage.

Classic Tiered Trophy
Create a multi-tiered trophy with columns, engraved plates, and topping fish figure. These trophies are quite traditional but they allow for many, many different personalization options, from the color scheme to the specific type of fish or figure that crowns the trophy. If you want to make a recipient say “wow” and give them something they can raise up, this is the type of award to choose.

Custom Photo Plaque
Without a picture to prove the catch, it’s just another fish story. That’s why photo plaques are excellent options for fishing awards. They start with a sturdy, attractive base, usually featuring a wood, resin, or stone finish. Engraved plates and custom medallions look quite distinguished alongside a photo frame that’s ready for a perfect shot of the angler and their winning catch.

There are many other types of awards that can be customized with humorous titles and gag recognitions. The right online trophy supplier will give you plenty of choices. Make sure you work with a provider who can show you all of your options online. The whole point of an award is to make someone feel appreciated and special, even if you’re trying to get a good laugh in as well. This is why you want to make sure you have plenty of custom options when creating a high-quality fishing award.