Electrical Wire – Types and utilization

Electrical wires are conductors that transmit power from a source, as a rule a close by transformer, to an outlet in your home or business. They likewise lead power in machines and electronic gadgets. Electrical wires come in different materials, housings and sizes to deal with the distinctive electrical burdens and conditions in which they will be utilized. In spite of the fact that they can be produced using aluminum and different materials, mostly electrical wires are made of copper.

Types of electrical wire

Types of electrical wire:

Thermostat wire

It is made of various strands of strong copper wire, each wrapped separately with a shaded shell and encased together inside a defensive sheathing.

Copper wire

A wire comprising of copper; it is generally used to lead power. Copper wire might be rolled, or drawn has a uniform cross segment, and is accessible in numerous breadths.

Tracer wire

It is also called as finding or locator wire used in locating lines and pipes after they have been buried in the ground.

Utilization of right electrical wire for an application: A knowhow

 There are numerous kinds of electrical wires that fall into the domain of electrical wire. A lot of this depends on the application and nature. While all applications are unique, there are some fundamental things to think about electrical wire when choosing which wire is the best for your application.

Stranded versus Solid

Solid wiring is most usually utilized for development and building. It can be utilized as a part of hardware when you get down to the small measure sizes.

Stranded wire, is most usually found in car applications,

Voltage and Ampacity

Considering of voltage is basic while picking electrical wire and what the circuit is working will decide the voltage required. Ampacity required decides on the extent of the wire and the run.


Sorts of protection change by the kind of electrical wire. As a rule protection will shift to modify execution in certain natural conditions, or to make the wire simpler to work with. The distinctions in wire protection originate from varieties of polymer structures.


Color of wire is useful in recognizing different sorts of applications.

The Conclusion:

When we decide the voltage, ampacity and protection for the wire, it’s an ideal opportunity to consider different things, for example, temperature appraisals and affirmations. The privilege electrical wire guarantees, appropriate working with light fitting, switches, sockets and distribution sheets.