Education and profession of Jay Sekulow

Graduating with great honor from Mercer University by way of a four-year certification, Jay Sekulow won a special doctorate honor from Mercer Law School for being the best 5% of his class. During JAY SEKULOW’S EDUCATION & EARLY LEGAL CAREER as an understudy, he filled in as editorial staff individual from the Mercer Law Review. Jay Sekulow afterward composed his paper on American Legal History and received a Ph.D. from Regent University. He is known to the world to get people in power politicking and lead the people and country to greatness.

beginning of Career as a Lawyer

The beginning of Career as a Lawyer

Jay Sekulow started his renowned legitimate vocation as a trial impose lawyer for Office of Chief Counsel for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) after graduating from school. During this time, he worked on force cases by the United States Department of Treasury and represented them before the United States Tax Court. Subsequent to his opportunity with the IRS, he began private practice on, setting up one of the quickest developing law offices in Atlanta, Georgia. Preceding Christian Advocate Serving Evangelism (C.A.S.E.), Jay Sekulow ended up as General Legal Counsel for Jews in 1986. Despite all, he joined ACLJ as Chief Counsel in 1990.

Responsibility towards his Career

His sense of duty on instructing the upcoming age of sacred lawyers stay relentless straight up ’til today. Jay Sekulow has worked at the United States Department of Justice as a personnel for the Legal Education Office. He prepared Assistant U.S Attorneys, other law, and nearby litigators in First amendment issues related to the indict of crime. At present, he serves as a Distinguished Professor of Law in the team of the Regent University School of Law, showing courses in the Supreme Court record and secured law. Through the ACLJ, he empowers regent law understudies to gain firsthand from honing sacred researchers to have an interest in state bench across the country. Jay Sekulow settled lawful instruction programs for understudies to meet religious freedom prosecution educated by a part of premier scholars at the Handong University in South Korea and in the field of Israel, France, and Strasbourg.