DC Motors

In today’s brute world, one needs to trust someone for their requirements especially when there is a lot of availability of fake products and weak mechanical instruments produced by some vague company. Their aim is just to earn a profit for themselves, due to which they don’t think for a second to fool customers. But if you are looking for best and faithful custom brushless and frameless DC Motors from an experienced BLDC motor manufacturer, then you should trust ARC Systems, Inc. blindly.

ARC provides best brush DC motors which are different from brushed DC Motors and will help to eradicate sparking, depending on the application, and contribute to protracteddurability over brush style motors.

frameless DC Motors


ARC also manufactures three-phase brushless DC motors with class H insulation in delta winding structures or WYE.

The motors build by ARC provide number of voltage inputs extending from 12 volts to 600 volts. The size delivers by ARC to motors range in size from ¾” in diameter to upwards of 3″ or 4″ in diameter. In addition to this, it also provides the sub-fractional horsepower to 2.5 horsepower motors.

The signature sensor is 150 degree Celsius but it can build specialized motors with sensors up to 200 degree Celsius as per customers demand.

With a wide range of experience in aiding brushless DC motors for aerospace, medical, petroleum and oil drilling services, ARC has a record of providing custom brushless and frameless DC Motors from an experienced BLDC motor manufacturer.

Brushless Motor Options

ARC provides numerous types of housing materials of the lightweight that can work safely and reliably in an exacting environment. The most common features ARC deliver for housing made of stainless steel grades in the 300-series, 400-series and 17-4 PH.

They also supply the unit complete with housing, a rotor assembly, end bells and the bearings. ARC too manufacture BLDC motor frame to build unique specs and controllers for brushless DC motors, if you require one.

Frameless BLDC Motors

ARC builds Frameless BLDC motors into the housing and tools that fit the stator and rotor assembly as per customer’s demand.

Frameless options are beneficial for the manufacture of small tool and medical applications, assemblies build by ARC would be placed straight in your device.

As per costumer’s demand, brushless assemblies can be put in their housing with the help of a high range of frameless options. It is also favourable to regulate the weight of a complete motor.

ARC System Inc.

ARC is best at proving the best quality of motors in given time to accomplish customer’s demand. They have experience in-house engineer’s team that help them to achieve their goal and design new and technical motors.

Arc has a reputation for building high-quality motion control motors at a very reasonable price and in an apt situation. It is a small US-based motor manufacturer which is the reason this has very reasonable cost as compared to other.

ARC also has a record of being an AS9100C/ISO 9001-2008 manufacturer that has been completing the requirements of costumes since 1967.  If you want to advance your equipment with motion control especially made for your design, come to us to fulfil your need.