A Threaded Fastener For Joining Two Male Threads

Coupling nuts are threaded fasteners that are used to join two threaded rods and are also known as extension nuts. It is also available as reducing coupling nuts that have two different thread sizes and profiles. And these nuts feature a hexagonal exterior that allows for secure tightening and loosening with an installation tool.

The Sizes and Finished You Need in Coupling Nuts

The company’s inventory includes rod coupler nuts and coupling nuts in a full range of sizes and meets with specs that include ASTM A194 GR. 2H, ASTM A563 GR. A GR.5, type 304 and type 316. Coupling nuts are manufactured with a plain finish and depending on the bar stock used, it is either cold drew or hot-rolled. The company also offer them with a stainless-steel finish, hot dipped galvanized (HDG), and zinc finish to enhance the reliability of these fasteners.

coupling nuts

Why Should You Source Coupling Nuts from BACO Enterprises?

When you get coupling nuts from BACO or any other structural components such as stainless shear studs and A325 tension control bolts, then you’re getting them from an experienced and capable supplier that’s ready to fulfill your needs quickly. The company’s longtime relationships with the globe’s leading fastener manufacturers allow BACO to offer some of the most competitive pricing on the market. BACO also extend the very own assurance of quality by completing testing and inspection services in-house as part of the regular supplier practices.

So, What Can You Expect from BACO Enterprises Then?

You can expect attentive customer service, answers to all of your questions, and a fast response to your RFQ when you choose BACO as your fastener supplier. You can also expect a reliable and quick fulfillment of your order, and in that case, it allows you to get started on your job without having a delay. Many of the customers in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast can get 24-hour shipping thanks to BACO’s unique delivery capabilities. If you need the products delivered to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine or Vermont, the company can assure to get them to you with unbeatable speed and reliability.

BACO supply a wide range of nuts to complete nearly any fastener assembly along with the complete inventory of bolts and screws. Nuts that the company carries include standard structural nuts, as well as finished and heavy hex nuts, wing nuts, lock nuts, jam nuts, and others. All the nuts that the company provide are made from high-quality and reliable materials, which ensure their performance and longevity in many types of structural and industrial applications.