Online Gaming Terms to Add to Your Vocabulary

For those who haven’t been playing modern video games, looking and hearing about the terms must seem totally alien to you. Why do you need to learn these words? It’s because you’re going to have a very tough time communicating with your teammates, especially if you’re playing an online game.

For example, take a look at this sentence – you’ve just PK-ed an enemy and want to flaunt your victory by tea-bagging the corpse. If you’re a veteran or an enthusiast in online games, then reading that sentence is nothing short of normal. However, for someone who’s new to the online gaming world, it’s going to sound very “out of this world.” Some might even wonder, “What’s a PK,” and, “Why would I put a tea bag on a video game corpse?” We’re going to look at some of the most common online gaming terms in this post so that you can expand your gaming vocabulary, even for just a bit.

Player Kill

Player Kill or PK for short is mostly heard in video game titles that are played with other people, such as online games. The term can be heard or read in Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (MOBAs) like DOTA 2 and League of Legends, and it can also be found in First Person Shooters (FPS). PK is a general term for killing off your opponent, but the term can dive deeper than that. Now, how you PK another player is the next question; it can be in the form of a headshot or obliterating the character with a barrage of skills.

Tea Bagging 

Imagine dunking a teabag in hot water multiple times. Now, imagine a player doing that on a corpse. Since many online games, especially FPS titles don’t have much to do with emotes, one of the only ways to ridicule your opponents is to do a tea-bagging motion on their corpse. You can do this in many ways depending on the game, but perhaps the most used way of doing the motion is to repeatedly crouch on your opponent.


The use of online game boosters can be a controversial topic among many video game communities. Online game boosting is when you let another player take control of your account and character for the purpose of acquiring in-game cash, become the top ranking player in leaderboards, and to level up characters. It’s a notorious subject because you’re not doing the hard work of achieving in-game accomplishments. However, gaming communities are divided right now between two factions regarding game boosting. One faction doesn’t mind and the other disagrees with the whole idea of letting other individuals take control of an account.

There are other online game terms that you should definitely add to your vocabulary, such as the following: ping, lag, bots, exp (or XP), camper, noob, DLC, glitching, and clans, just to name a few.