Knowing Your Waters: Hard Water and Soft Water Explained

It’s fairly easy to forget how important mineral water is in our lives. Of course we need it in our diet, but in our homes, it’s a tool–a fluid medium that carries material from one spot to the next. And one of the reasons it does this job well is that it’s very good at holding things, either by suspending them or dissolving them.

mineral water softeners

Most mineral water softeners on the market are ion return techniques. In methods, solidity ions are exchanged for sodium ions. The return occurs within the material container of mineral water conditioner. When mineral water moves through the container it comes in contact with small material pellets that are covered with sodium ions. As mineral water moves through the material pellets, solidity ions trade places with sodium ions, hence the higher sodium content in melted mineral water.

Hard Water

This is a generic term that means ground mineral water has picked up nutrients from the earth such as mineral magnesium and chalky calcium mineral. Water with great levels of calcium mineral can clog pipe joints with mineral develop up left behind as mineral water moves through the pipe joints.

Soft Water

On the other hand, soft mineral water has relatively low concentration of calcium mineral carbonate and other ions. Soft mineral water mostly comes from peat or igneous stone resources, such as granite but may also come from sandstone resources, since those sedimentary rocks are usually low in mineral magnesium and calcium mineral.

Hard Water vs. Soft Water

Minerals in mineral water are what makes certain mineral water considered “hard.” Calcium and mineral magnesium are the most common nutrients found in mineral water. Typically, nutrients get there because groundwater will dissolve stone like limestone, or metals, like iron and the remains travel with mineral water until it is in your residence. Those demolished shades can cause a scaly buildup on everything from dishes, to pipe joints, to the emitters of your equipment, to your own body.

The modern house depends on soft mineral water. Best quality equipment cannot run as designed when they suffer from calcium mineral within mineral water develop up. Dish washers and units could end up with a much shorter lifespan because of calcium mineral within mineral water. If you notice a lot of soap scum around your house, if your towels take time and effort and firm, or if you have a tough time getting a nice sudsy lather in the shower, you may have calcium mineral within mineral water problems. Click here to choose the best water softener for you.