CV Writing – How to go about it?

A Curriculum Vitae is a pitch.  A personal sales pitch, which talks about academics, experience, expertise, companies associated with and aspirations in life.

This is a key document and writing CV is an art.  Its not about facts write up, its also about putting the right words together to get the gist just enough for the recruiter.

An experience of 6 years should be summarized in a 1-page CV.  A traditional and accepted font is Arial 9 with a neat distance between paragraphs.

Majority of the job hunting sites also offer CV writing services as an add on to their package of services.

Professionals with varied experiences and exposure from different industries add a flavor and character to the CV prepared.

Most employees only understand the significance of CV when they start a fresh job hunt or when there is a distress in the paradise.

The idea of a CV is to keep it current and keep the highlights fresh.  This helps in realizing how a person’s career took turns and how its valued in the market.

The best of CVs is an answer to Job Descriptions which recruiters post in the market.  The only way to catch the eye of a recruiter is to include the buzz words which filter the resume.

The only way a CV could be shortlisted is by the sheer information and the way its presented to the eye.  A recruiter has a 30 seconds time frame to understand the suitability of a candidate for the job.

Whenever a CV is written one should keep in mind that its short, captures all the highlights of work experience and presents in the crispest form.  This helps being shortlisted.

The best of CVs is written by a person whose currently in the job or has done the job previously and has a complete command of it.

Anyone can master writing provided they have the passion to make it look like a sales pitch.