Complete Care for Your Dogs can Make Them Healthy

Dogs need to be treated well. They get hurt and sick also. They can be your best friend and a companion for everything. You will love them more if they are skillful and healthy. As their owner, it is your responsibility to give them their basic needs. Purchasing a dog grooming equipment for them is one of your duties. Once these pets live with you, consider them as one of your families, too. You are responsible for their food, shelter, clothing, medicine, and etc.

Complete Care for Your Dogs

Start to groom your dogs

You can begin grooming your dogs by gathering first the tools you need. Make sure that you will place all his grooming materials in one place or bag. It is an easy way to find them once you need it. You start by combing their coat or hair first. Doing it every day will keep them clean and neat. Simple brushing is enough for them to mat up. The brush is better than comb because it will just easily pass over to its angles, while the comb sometimes stuck on. Any mass will become tighter and less manageable once they dry. That is why a thorough combing should always be the first step in grooming your pets. You may start on the head and can move down to its body. Its belly is a sensitive part of their body so you need to be careful on that part. Also, don’t forget to comb their tail.

Proper way of combing your dogs

Use a brush and try to work out the tangle while you are combing. Brushing your dogs for too long can cause them brush burn. So, you need to be mindful not to brush them in the same spot for too long. You can check it by looking under their fur. You will know if you did something wrong because you will see their skin some redness that caused by irritation. For short-haired dogs, you can brush them with simple tools like gloves or curry brushes. Brush and comb medium to long-coated pets with specialized equipment like slicker, steel comb, undercoat rake or a pin brush. You should focus on removing their loose hair whatever tools you may use. In that way, brushing them daily distribute oils from their skin all throughout to their coat.

Appreciating and giving them break helps a lot

While you are doing the brushing of their hair, praise and appreciate them by staying still. It is like rewarding them for cooperating with you. They surely understand it though and remember it every time you are doing a grooming session with them. Rewarding them includes some treats for their good behavior.