An online gaming community welcomes players to the virtual world

Video gaming is the most popular social activity among the most of the population around the world. Technologically advanced countries like Korea is introducing more online games and also playing more online video games.  Nearly one third of their population plays the online video games. The game programmer creates the games in such a way that the players are becoming so addictive towards the game.  Mostly the kids and teenagers are so addictive for these games. Every successful game has their own communities in social media to create more empowerment for the gamers to play more time with excitement. Communication and long conversational activities in social media increases the popularity for the games. People may get more virtual friends to play more multiplayer games online. It gives them more fun and excitement.

Gaming become a part of life

In some countries this gaming culture got emerged after the proliferation of internet globally. At the same time the online games were increased rapidly by the game developers. These games include the one to one conversations and competition among them. To compete globally with all the technical game developers they programmed so many multiplayer games which increases competition among the game players to win the game.

 More importance to the online games

Most of the population in South Korea is playing the games in which the professional game programmers incorporate their traditional ancient culture. This gaming culture is influences and attracts most of the people in the country. The people infatuated towards the online gaming environment and spending more time on it.  One more fact is that they are giving more importance to the heroes in unrealistic world rather than their real world super heroes. They started playing virtual games rather than the real games. The gaming communities formed in the countries encouraging the virtual games or e-sports and started to sponsor the multiplayer games online and telecasting the same in TV channels.